The 6% Dashboard
Will Make You a Better Stock Trader

Whether you have $5k or $500k. Day trader or fundamentalist. Beginner or expert.

Plan Your Trades Correctly

Stop setting your price targets based on educated guesses. Successful traders set targets based on their personal goals, and The 6% Dashboard helps you setup and track your trades according to your goals.

Focus On Your Goals

You're never going to achieve your goal if you don't know what it is. The 6% Dashboard puts your goal front and center in the form of a Focus #. This number is a realistic, concrete, and easily attainable goal that updates in real-time as your positions fluctuate.

Build Your Confidence

The stock market is an emotional roller coaster. The 6% Dashboard leverages scientific research from the video gaming industry to help build your confidence by visualizing your progress towards your goals.

"I made +12% this month alone! Even though I had more unsuccessful trades than winning ones, The 6% Dashboard helped me exit those losing positions before they could overly impact my performance."

Nick Iannone - Entrepreneur

"Its like a light bulb went off. Now that I know how much money I need to make, trading is actually pretty easy."

Brandon Sacks - Sales Rep.

Simple, Flexible & Powerful

The 6% Dashboard's sole purpose is to help you reach your goal without overwhelming you with stats and work. You just enter your trades and it does the rest.


Works in the browser on any computer

The 6% Dashboard is built on Google's Google Drive technology. This provides you with some enormous benefits including:

  • The highest level of security and privacy because everything is secured within your personal Google account
  • Leverage real-time stock prices and data from Google Finance
  • 99.99999% uptime powered by Google's world-class hosting facilities
stays in sync

Stays in sync with your brokerage account

No matter whether you use Scottrade, Etrade or any other broker, the only reason you'll log into that account from now on is to execute trades. Within 60 seconds of purchasing The 6% Dashboard you'll be asked a series of questions that will synchronize your Dashboard with your account balances. From then on, tracking your trades within The Dashboard will keep everything in sync.

calculates everything

Fully customizable

Most traders use The 6% Dashboard exactly as it is, but the simple spreadsheet interface makes it easy to add and remove anything you'd like. All of your data points are tracked and calculated in real-time so you can spend your time making money. A few of these include:

  • Price targets based on your goals
  • Stop prices based on a percentage of your account balance
  • Profits and losses - overall and daily - for every stock you trade
  • And lots more!

Greg Gerber
Author of The 6% Solution

"The 6% Dashboard is almost 10 years in the making because I refused to share it with anyone until I could prove it worked. I know first hand how difficult it is to be successful in the stock market. My hope is that by sharing The 6% Dashboard I can help other investors avoid the painful mistakes I made."

There's Nothing Else Like It

Stop paying $100 a month on stock alert subscription services

Forget about $500 private coaching sessions

Don't pay $4,000 for a weekend trading seminar

Save $10,000-$20,000 by breaking bad trading habits!

Do You Know The Formula?

Read The 6% Solution and follow the simple formula. If you start with only $5,000:

Make 6% 12 times to double your money

Double your money 8 times to make $1,000,000

It's that simple. The 6% Dashboard creates you a custom roadmap to make this happen.

Here's What You Get

Immediate Access
You'll be using The 6% Dashboard within 30 seconds of purchasing it

Video Tutorials and Step-by-Step Instructions
We'll walk you through setting up The 6% Dashboard and using it properly

Free Lifetime Support
We're a quick email away and happy to answer your questions

Free Lifetime Upgrades
We have some new features and upgrades in the pipeline

For Just $99

Buy It Now

All With Zero Risk

100% Money Back Guarantee

I can't guarantee to make you millions of dollars overnight (and I'd be suspicious of a product that did), but what I can promise is this. If using The 6% Dashboard doesn't make you a better stock trader in 60 days I'll give you 100% of your money back (I'll even absorb the credit card fees). All you have to do is drop me an email and we'll part as friends. You can even keep the product.

Plus A Special Bonus

A Free 30 Minute Coaching Session

I love getting to know my customers and meeting other traders. In the email you receive after purchasing The 6% Dashboard is a link where we can setup a time to chat on the phone. We can help you setup The 6% Dashboard and answer questions or we can just talk stocks. Either way, we look forward to meeting you.

Our checkout process is fully encrypted to ensure all personal and financial information is kept safe and secure.

"The 6% Dashboard paid for itself the very first day I used it. The first goal I achieved was 3X the price of the product! It really works. They should charge more for it."

Alvand Zinabadi - Dentist

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