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The 6% Dashboard General

Does The 6% Dashboard connect to my brokerage account?

No. You track your trades within The 6% Dashboard like a journal. By doing this, the account balance within your brokerage account and the balance within your Dashboard will stay in sync.

Does The 6% Dashboard send me notifications?

No. But its something we’re considering for a future feature.

The 6% Dashboard Setup

Once I’ve payed for The 6% Dashboard how do I receive it?

Upon completion of your purchase you will immediately be taken to a page where you can create your custom 6% Dashboard. A link to this page will be emailed to you incase you need to recreate it.

Once I’ve created a 6% Dashboard, how do I access it?

After creating your dashboard, the first step it will walk you through is creating a copy. This will copy your Dashboard to your Google Drive account. Once completed, you will find your dashboard in your Google Drive at

I have multiple Dashboards in my Google Drive. What should I do?

When you copied the Dashboard you created an editable version. That is the one you use. The other Dashboard is the original, you can delete it. If you have more than 2 Dashboards in your Google Drive, that means you copied the Dashboard multiple times. Pick one of them and delete the rest so you won’t get confused.

How can I keep track of my 6% Dashboard in my Google Drive?

Starring the file is one easy way. You may also want to bookmark it like any other web page

The 6% Dashboard Usage

How do I save my changes?

You don’t need too. Google Drive automatically saves all your changes as you make them.

I think I broke something, what do I do?

The most powerful tool in The 6% Dashboard is the undo feature =) If you think you edited a cell incorrectly, simply click File -> Undo until your Dashboard is restored. You can also press Command + Z.

The 6% Dashboard

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